December's Checklist

1. Compile Bank Statements

Do you have two or more bank accounts? The end of year is the right time to file all those bank statements, because you will need it when you submit a tax report. If you don't have them regularly sent by mail, print your balance at the bank while it is still the beginning of the month. Then, you just need to print again at the end of month.

2. DIY for Party

December usually comes with festivity, parties and celebration of Christmas and New Year. Remember to stay on budget and not to spend a lot of money for trivial things. Try to make DIY decorations, flower arrangement, gifts, invitation, or even homemade finger food and desserts. With a combo recipe of effort and patience, you can make it!

3. Connect with Family

Make time to visit those long-forgotten relatives that you miss or hadn't met your children for a while. If they are living in a different city or country, call them just to say hi and wish them Happy New Year –don’t just make a broadcast message on BBM or greet through social media. In this digital era, we need to maintain personal interactions.

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