I Want to Fix My Eyebrows


I’m a busy working mother who has to make time between family and work. I spend at least 40 minutes to put on my makeup every morning, especially to enhance my thin eyebrows. I’m currently thinking of having 3D eyebrow embroidery; a cosmetic treatment that would last for about two years.


1. Do you have emergency funds?
A. No, I don’t
B. I can cover my expenses for three months
C. Yes, I have more than enough

2. What do you know about the procedure?
A. I know that it’s like making a tattoo
B. It will take at least an hour to do
C. I should keep it dry within the first week

3. Why do you need the treatment now?
A. I want to look better
B. My husband suggested it
C. I can save my energy and time for other things


If You Score Less Than 50:

This cosmetic treatment is gaining more popularity as many salons are providing the service with competitive price. However, it is still relatively expensive if you compare it with the regular eyebrow tattoo –it would cost between Rp 3 million and Rp 6 million. We believe you should focus first on saving your emergency fund before having this treatment.      

If You Score Between 50 and 80:

This is a “nice to have” treatment, but not a necessity for you. Someone who works in an entertainment or PR industry most probably need it more than you do. So, why not ask around to find out if your friends have tried it before. If you definitely can’t leave the house without drawing your eyebrows, and you are willing to adjust your shopping budget for this purpose, then go for it.   

If You Score More Than 80:

Unlike an eyebrow tattoo, 3D eyebrow embroidery does not leave a flat, dull and fake look that tattoos leave behind. It will enhance your eyebrow by creating shadow and filling in the part of the eyebrows that looked empty before. Since you have already secured your emergency fund, you can afford this treatment.   

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