I Want to Buy a Dishwasher


As a busy working mother who has a toddler and no helper at home, I am thinking of buying a dishwasher to lessen our burden when it comes to washing dishes. Since my husband is paying for our mortgage and household bills, I want to buy this with my savings.


1. Besides the mortgage, do you have other debts?
A. Yes, I have a credit card balance
B. Yes, but I will pay it off in a month
C. No, we don’t

2. How urgent is it to have the machine now?
A. We would need it if we have guests in the house
B. We can wait until I get a bonus
C. If I have that, I will be able to work on more important things

3. How much is your personal savings?
A. Less than Rp 30 million
B. I have around Rp 54 million
C. I have more than Rp 60 million


If You Score Less Than 50:

A dishwasher is a nice thing to have, although it should not be your main priority at the moment. You still have debts to pay and emergency fund to collect. What you can do is set up a special account for this purpose –you can take the fund from your shopping and going out budget– or call a freelance helper who can help you with cleanings once or twice a week.   

If You Score Between 50 and 80:

You are on your way to collect your emergency fund, so don’t stop and splurge the money now. A good dishwasher would cost at least Rp 10 million, so it is better to wait a few months, so that you have enough spare money to spend. During this period, you can hire a helper to come when it is needed.

If You Score More Than 80:

Although this machine is quite expensive, it world be very helpful to speed up your rhythm of working at home. Plus, you can be sure that your glasses, plates and eating utensils are more hygienic for your kid, because it has hot water system. Try to ask around for a second-hand product in forum like Kaskus or toko online and compare the price before you decide to buy a new one.

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