5 Bad Habits That Annoy Your Friends at Work

After spending countless working hours with your colleagues, it is not surprising that every now and then you may unintentionally step on someone’s toes. 

These small habits eventually cause rift between you and your colleagues, so recognize them before it becomes annoying.

Bad Habit #1: Asking too many questions

Although it has been said that there is no such thing as a stupid question, too many questions can be perceived as a sign of laziness. Asking someone on areas related to doing your job is only acceptable if you are new. Otherwise, colleagues at work will start thinking that you aren’t suitable for your role.

Solution: Write down your questions to help clarify the problem in your own mind. This might help you find the answer, so consulting a colleague may not be necessary after all. If you need your colleague’s opinion, ask for a specific amount of his/ her time –e.g. 10 minutes– rather  than approaching them  whenever you want.

Bad Habit #2: Borrowing and not returning

This applies to everything; money, stationery, books, etc. It is simple courtesy to return everything that you have borrowed –those items do not belong to you and you can’t do with them as you wish.

Solution: A real tough one, but the only solution is this: return anything you borrow! If you have trouble remembering items borrowed, label them clearly with the name of person you borrowed from and the date you borrowed it – if it's money, put a reminder for yourself.

Bad Habit #3: Almost always late (for meetings or deadlines)

You are probably thinking "they are my friends and they will forgive me if I am late". You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, friends at work may be thinking any one of these things:

  • He/she does not respect me enough to come  on time or submit by the deadline
  • This meeting or project is not important enough for her
  • This person is unreliable and incompetent

Solution: Stop being overly optimistic, thinking that "I can make it in 5 minutes". It might take 5 minutes just for the office lift to arrive and another 5 minutes to walk to the meeting room –assuming nobody stops to speak to you along the way. You can also set a reminder earlier than the actual meeting time. If you are held up due to circumstances beyond your control, let other people know approximately what time you will arrive, so they can adjust the meeting agenda.

Bad Habit #4: Asking a colleague to pay for you first

You are having a break at the office canteen and ordered a cup of coffee. Realizing you forgot bring your wallet, you ask a co-worker to pay for you first. Perfectly normal? Yes, but not if it happens every time.

Solution: Always keep a small amount of cash on your pocket or pouch. You can even keep a single Rp 100,000 bill tucked in the skin of your mobile phone in case of emergencies. If you do ask a co-worker to pay first, then immediately pay the person back. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to collect Rp 30,000 from someone, so don't make them go through that awkward conversation.

Bad Habit #5: Constantly checking your phone

You find it annoying when you are talking to your partner and he or she pays more attention to their phone than to you. Well, your boss and your colleagues would feel the exact same way.

Do not play with your phone when you are interacting with other people, especially during meetings. Give your colleagues the courtesy of your attention when they are presenting.

Solution: In addition to keeping your phone on silent mode, turn it 'face down' so you will not see that red light blinking, signaling that you have a message or Facebook notification.

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