I Want to Buy an Expensive Toy


Our daughter’s birthday is coming up soon and we are thinking of buying a doll house for her. This is something that she wants to have, so that she can play with her friends at home. The cost would be around Rp 2 million.


1. How much is your emergency fund?
A. Less than Rp 72 million
B. Around Rp 72 million-Rp 100 million
C. More than Rp 100 million

2. Why do you have to buy this toy?
A. Our daughter should have what other kids have
B. She has asked for this item since last year
C. She has maintained good grades in school

3. How old is your daughter?
A. She is under 7 years old
B. She is above 12 years old
C. She is 7-11 years old


If You Score Less Than 50:

The doll house is more expensive than your monthly budget for shopping and going out. It’s better to wait until you have collected your emergency funds and then asked her if she still wants the doll house. Kids have random selection of toys and they usually don’t last for long. You can still give her something else for her birthday this year.     

If You Score Between 50 and 80:

You and your husband know that she really wants this item. As good parents, it’s normal that you want to make your kids happy by granting their wishes. You can ask her what kind of doll house that she wants to have and whether it would be suitable with the current dolls that she has now. If you think Rp 2 million is too expensive, you can look for second-hands item on online forum like Kaskus.  

If You Score More Than 80:

This present will be like a reward for her accomplishment at school. The price is probably nothing compared to the big smile that she would have on her face –when she sees the surprise. Find out what kind of doll house would last longer and would be safe for children to play with. After having the item, you can train her to clean and take care of it by herself –this is a simple way to teach your child about responsibility. 

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